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Zverinice tours brings you closer to nature in Slovenia!

Welcome to Zverinice tours, the ecotourism company who offers you unforgettable experiences in the beautiful nature of Slovenia! Join our tour leader Paul Veenvliet, a passionate nature illustrator and biologist, as he guides you through the amazing landscapes and wildlife of this country. Whether you want to see butterflies, flowers or birds, or just want to have a relaxed hike in undiscovered nature areas, Zverinice tours has something for everyone!

My Tours

Zverinice tours offers a variety of excursions in the Notranjska region in Slovenia. Our tours differ in duration and range from 2 hour hikes to whole day tours, which include several hikes and some driving to include different areas and landscapes. What we see depends in part on the season, but we always include the beautiful Slovenian forests. In general, May and June are the best for butterflies and birds, while the forest shade is particularly inviting on warm summer days in July and August. Independent of the season, we love to include a picnic with local delicacies from ecological farms. 


Where are these tours?

I organize my tours mainly in southern Slovenia. While it is close to the famous Postojna cave, the rest of the region is mostly quiet with vast forests and lovely rural valleys. It has many special nature areas, which is where you can find me every day. But, there are also castles, caves and other attractions. On the “areas” page I provide links to these, as well as to local info centers, to help you plan your stay. 

About me

Tour Leader

Hi, I’m Paul Veenvliet, your tour leader and nature illustrator. I have been fascinated by nature as long as I remember. I studied biology in the Netherlands, where I worked as a zookeeper and teacher of Wildlife Management. In 2006, I moved to Slovenia, where I fell in love with its nature and people. I have been involved in various projects related to nature education, conservation and illustration. I have also written and illustrated several books and field guides about animals and plants. I love to share my passion and knowledge with others, and I look forward to meeting you on one of our tours!

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