Whole-day forest excursion

Our most popular tour! We explore the largest forest in central Europe on several hikes. We see very different areas including untouched natural forest, a sunny mountain top with an amazing view, and magical karst features. Depending on the season we can expect many flowers and butterflies!

Tour highlights: 

  • Exploring the largest forest in Central Europe! 
  • A visit to a forest reserve where no human activity is allowed: no trees are cut and no animals are hunted. In fact, we are only allowed to go to the edge of the reserve, from where we see how nature intended forests to be. 
  • Picnic on a mountain top (1100 m a.s.l.) with a great view and often many butterflies and flowers. 
  • Karst landscapes including a spectacular collapse-dolina (steep cliffs where a prehistoric cave-ceiling has collapsed). 
  • If we are lucky, we may see owls and woodpeckers, as well as tracks of shy bears and wolves. 


  • Start and ending at the same place: we meet at the Hofer shop in Cerknica, from here we drive over unpaved forest roads to different parts of the area. I can take 2 people in my car – larger families will have to use their own transport (make sure the tank is full!). This is meeting point no. 2 on the map. 
  • Duration: from 8.00 to about 16.00 h 
  • Difficulty: moderate: we hike over smaller forest trails and have some altitude differences. 
  • Age: for everyone who can walk in the mountains for up to 2 hours. Children under 12 must be accompanied by a guardian. 
  • Nearby places Since this tour takes the whole day, it is not possible to visit many other places on the same day. We are close to Postojna, Ilirska Bistrica and Cerknica.  


  • 1 person: 115,00 Euro
  • 2 persons: 145,00 Euro
  • 3 persons: 175,00 Euro
  • 4 persons: 205,00 Euro
  • Every additional person + 30,00 Euro. 
  • Children under 12 years of age are free of charge. 

Price of picnic: 13,50 Euro per person for adults; 10,00 Euro for children under 12 years of age.

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